Viktor Križo

Teacher, Psychologist, Special pedagogue and the Center Coordinator

Viktor Križo studied mathematics teaching, special pedagogy, theology and psychology in Bratislava, Trnava and Brno, at that time he also implemented PCA psychotherapeutic training. For eleven years he worked as a mathematics teacher and special pedagogue, currently working as a field professional employee of the Center for Pedagogical and Psychological Counseling and Prevention in Bratislava. He is a disseminator of the concept of inclusive education based on humanistic psychology of freedom and responsibility from C. Rogers and Maslov’s B-, D-needs and the model of Nonviolent Communication. He currently coordinates the National Strategy for Inclusive Education, focuses on field work, comprehensive support for children at risk, education and advocates in the Teachers’ Chamber on the topic of democratization in schools.

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Zuzana Krnáčová

Artepsychotherapist, Curative teacher and lecturer

Zuzana Krnáčová graduated in art education, later M.A. in art therapy in Great Britain and doctoral studies in Bratislava. She has worked at home and abroad as a therapist, special needs teacher in various facilities for children at risk. In recent years, as an expert, she has been helping to implement comprehensive support for children at risk in the school environment, support for artefiletics and reflection on teaching, helping to a broader professional understanding of inclusive education in several projects. She works at the Center as a lecturer and expert for the education of professional staff.

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Janka Randa

Project manager, lecturer

Janka Randa graduated in civil society at Charles University in Prague, training for coaches at CTU, and international training of trainers. She has been dedicated to lecturing and facilitating for 10 years. In this area, she brings inspiration for facilitative education and reflective leadership. Her favorite topics include circle counseling, working with diversity in the classroom, conscious work with prejudices, participatory processes in school, and socio-emotional education. She worked on projects for Council of Europe, Erasmus + at home and abroad. She works at the Center as a consultant, expert, facilitator and lecturer.

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Anežka Palajová

Manager and coordinator of the Center, occasionally freelancer

Anežka Palajová studied Library and Information Science at FIF UK. Although she has never worked in this field, her heart belongs to books, evaluating information sources, disseminating and sharing valuable, inspiring, and world-changing information.

For more than 13 years, she has been creating user-friendly interfaces for web applications and websites for interesting projects and organizations, of which 2 years as a freelancer. It feels good wherever new ideas are born, new projects are created and new products come to life. Thanks to this enthusiasm for new, innovative, and meaningful topics, we are glad her paths have crossed with our Center.

She works at the Center as a project manager and coordinator, implementing systems to simplify routine processes and bureaucracy and seeks solutions to effectively communicate and share the topic of inclusion with the public.

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Miriama Škrípová

Education coordinator

Miriama, our education coordinator, has several years of experience in the TV industry. She has worked on various commercials and audiovisual projects, being in charge of the camera, as well as editing and photography. In the media, she had the opportunity to use her organizational talent, which she decided to further develop at our Center.

Her ambition is to apply her knowledge and talent to meaningful projects that benefit humanity as a whole. In her free time, she travels, takes photos, and reads. She enjoys human diversity, new life challenges, and innovative ideas.

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Filip Vagač

Facilitator, Supervisor and Auditor of the Center

Filip Vagač is closely connected with the development of civil society in Slovakia. At 1989, he started as one of the student leaders. He was a co-founder of the Slovak Children’s Foundation and brought to Slovakia the concept of the Children’s Hour campaign. In the years 2000-2003 he worked as the first secretary of the Slovak Embassy in Washington and subsequently worked as a manager for Central and Eastern Europe in the Ashoka organization. In 2011-2013, he was the Government Plenipotentiary for the Development of Civil Society and subsequently worked as a grant manager for Central and Eastern Europe at the Porticus International Foundation in Vienna. Since January 2020, he has been working at PDCS as a senior consultant. He graduated with a master’s degree from the Faculty of Science, Charles University in the field of geophysics. He then studied a mini MBA program in nonprofit management at the University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, USA, and has completed several trainings and workshops in leading and facilitating meetings and coaching organizations and teams. Rich Professional and personal life experience led him to the topic of inclusive education.

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Masha Orogváni

Special pedagogue, lecturer

Masha Orogváni is a special pedagogue, screenwriter and regional consultant for the project – School of Inclusionists. She teaches and supervises assistants and also teaches effective parenting courses. She entered the history of inclusive education as a tireless assistant to a girl with Down syndrome in a regular elementary school and pointed out how everything is possible if she wants to. Since then, she has been an example of how to be an assistant of hope.

Masha Orogváni – Špeciálna pedagogička, lektor pre asistentov, lektor efektívneho rodičovstva

Janka Kružliaková

Special pedagogue, lecturer

Janka Kružliaková

She studied special and preschool pedagogy. She worked as an occupational therapist, mobile pedagogue or consultant at the Early Intervention Center. She works with clients of different ages and different problems using Feuerstein’s method of instrumental enrichment. She lectures courses for teacher assistants at the Center, and has long been involved in inclusive education as an expert at the Children´s Center of the Research Institute of Child Psychology and Pathopsychology.

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Magdaléna Špotáková

Psychologist, supervisor and lecturer

Magdaléna Špotáková is an important child psychologist and researcher at the Research Institute of Child Psychology and Pathopsychology, and is a co-founder of the Children’s Center. She has been devoted to lecturing and inclusive education throughout her research and professional work. In the center, she provides professional supervision, teaching and consulting services.

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Zuzana Požoniová

Special pedagogue and lecturer

Zuzana Požoniová graduated in special pedagogy at the Faculty of Education in Prešov, she has been working at a primary school in Žilina as a school special pedagogue for 15 years. She has participated several times in training focused on the issue of inclusion through the Erasmus + program. Her most favored topics include children from marginalized groups and volunteering. She completed courses and education KUPOZ, KUPREV, SFUMATO, Comenia Script, Eľkonin, assistance in canis therapy classes with children, active cooperation with kindergartens – preschool age, and currently she is a member of the Commission of Education and Youth for the city of Žilina. In the center she works as a lecturer to support professional teams in schools.

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Lucia Rosáková

Coordinator of the Center

Lucia Rosáková has long been dealing with the topic of “forced homeschooling” of children with special needs in o.z. InkluCity, the limit of homeschooling, lay counseling in OZ Home Education in Slovakia, organizing the Conferences of Homeschooling until 2019. She ran the maternity and family center (Káčko and Štuplík), the peer program Mamy for mothers from the crisis center. She educates her children at home in the form of unschooling and fights for more inclusive education.

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Miroslava Hapalová

Psychologist, Founder of the Center for Inclusive Education

Miroslava Hapalová studied psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava. For eight years she worked as the director of the Slovak branch of the non-profit organization “People in Need“, which focused on the inclusion of socially excluded Roma localities, primarily in the field of employment, housing and education. She has participated in the creation of several policies in the field of Roma integration, development of field social services and education. She is the co-author of several publications, analyzes and research in the field of inclusive education, as well as publications and methodological materials in the field of social services for crisis intervention.

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