Ongoing projects

Project cooperation with cosiv PorT


The PORT project (Early detection, prevention and intervention of domestic violence involving children and young people through establishing the Institute for Trauma Informed Education and Care): “Institute for a trauma-respecting approach” is a unique project implemented by the Czech Professional Association for Inclusive Education (ČOSIV). in connection with partners from Norway, the USA and the V4 countries. Slovakia will be represented in this project by Inklucentrum and our expert Zuzana Krnáčová.

The project provides systemic and multidisciplinary support for experts working with children and adolescents with adverse childhood experiences and developmental trauma, improving early identification, prevention and protection, and is based mainly on the concept of the Neurosequential Model in therapy and education (Child trauma Academe, B. Perry) polyvagal theory (S. Porges) or behavioral analysis of PBIS.

Project inclusive education in Norway and Slovakia

Inclusive education in Norway and Slovakia

In the “Inclusive education in Norway and Slovakia” project, we continue the already started cooperation with the Norwegian organization Pedverket Kompetance. The project is implemented thanks to the Erasmus+ KA2 Small Partnerships program.

Goals in the project are to share inclusive policy and practice between two countries Norway and Slovakia, two national centers (Pedverket and Inklucentrum), 2 schools and 2 counseling facilities (creating a pilot network of connections). Implement the Grunnlaget method in Slovakia and the reflective-facilitative learning approach in Norway as “new” educational and teaching methods and approaches to education. Increase the quality of the work and procedures involved in the organization in connection with schools and counseling facilities (other sectors) in an effort to mutually influence, expand and supplement their approaches with others (second partner country).

Project InkluNET New dimension and network of inclusive education


The Inklucentrum started its first Erasmus+ project by collaborating in a small partnership with the organization Inclusion in Berlin. Our joint project is called “New dimension and network of inclusive education” – InkluNET. In it, we have exchanged our experiences on the topic of inclusive education in schools in Slovakia and Germany. Within cooperation we produced bulletins and videos.

The partner of the project is the organization Inclusion gUG, which in Germany, like the Inklucentrum here in Slovakia, spreads and supports the promotion of inclusive education.

Projekt skola s inklucentrom

The Primary School with a Centre for Inclusion

The Inklucentrum has proposed and is dedicated to its new project of establishing new ordinary public schools based on the philosophy of C. Rogers and the person-centred approach (PCA), non-violent communication (M. Rosenberg) and the model of a democratic and inclusive school with participatory management.

This type of school should also incorporate The Centre for Inclusive Education as a regional platform to support the implementation of new systemic change (Renewal Plan, 2021) while linked to the Strategy of Inclusive Education (2021). An ordinary school, which, in close connection with the Centre´s experts, would like to participate in the dissemination of the humanistic person-centred approach within state school conditions.

Completed projects

Projekt ACF slovakia

On the path of Inclusive Education

The strategic grant from Norwegian funds in our project “On the path of Inclusive Education” (2020-2021) has helped to create the Centre of Inclusive Education, which offers education and support to teachers, children, families and school assistance municipalities in further implementation of inclusive education. The topic of development of civic associations, which the stated grant offers, has help to create an environment for setting up and significantly improve the overall functioning of Inklucentrum and its services.

The project partner is a Norwegian educational organization with a 25-year tradition – Pedverket Kompetanse, founded by Gunvor Sønnesyn and Morten Hem, who both happen to be the authors of the Norwegian educational method “Grunnlaget”.

ACF (Active Citizens Fund) supports Slovak civic organizations. It is a part of the financial assistance of Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway to 15 states of the European Union. ACF in Slovakia is managed by the Ekopolis Foundation in cooperation with the Open Society Foundations and the Carpathian Foundation.

Our project “On the path of Inclusive Education” is funded by the ACF.

inklucentrum uspesne spolupracovalo s radou europy inschool


Inschool – The Inschool project is a joint project of the European Union and the Council of Europe. It aims to support the social inclusion of Roma through the support of inclusive educational policies and practices in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, the Slovak Republic and the United Kingdom.